MoTak Dish DSP4DPS High Temp Rack Undercounter Dishwasher


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The MoTak DSP4DPS high-temp dishwasher has a 2-minute wash cycle and is capable of cleaning (30) 20-inch-by-20-inch racks in an hour. It includes a dinnerware rack, standard flat rack, and flatware rack. The unit has an 11.81-inch plate clearance and operates with rinse water between 179 and 194 degrees Fahrenheit. Wash and rinse thermometers are included, and its Thermocontrol device ensures that water reaches the correct temperature in each cycle.

The unit comes with a detergent pump and rinse aid dispenser as well as an automatic tank loading feature. Its upper and lower wash arms rotate while its upper rinse arms are fixed in place. Constructed of stainless steel, this heavy-duty MoTak DSP4DPS undercounter dishwasher resists rusting.

Product Details

  • Includes a dish rack, a generic flat rack, and a flatware rack
  • Can wash (30) 20-in. x 20-in. racks per hr.
  • 2-min. cycle
  • 11.81-in. plate clearance
  • Rinse water temperature range: 179-194 degrees F
  • Thermocontrol ensures that every wash and rinse cycle reaches the selected temperature
  • Includes a security thermostat
  • Detergent pump and rinse aid dispenser included
  • Automatic tank loading
  • Upper and lower wash arms rotate
  • Upper rinse arms are fixed while lower rinse arms rotate
  • Door opening safety device prevents users from opening the door during a cycle
  • Durable stainless steel construction resists rusting
  • Removable control panel provides access for maintenance
  • 3.96-gal. tank capacity
  • 0.79-gal. boiler capacity

Dimensions & Utilities

  • 23.75 in. W x 25 in. D x 32.28 in. H
  • 20 A, 3.65 kW
  • 208-240 V/60 Hz/1 ph